Henry D. Moore Parish House and Library • Steuben, ME

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Don’t come to the library if you feel sick.

Limit of 10 people including staff permitted in the library at one time.

Per the state requirements, please wear a mask if you can, especially around the circulation desk. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the library and patrons will be asked to use it when they first come in. Disposable masks and gloves are available if requested.

Patrons should bring minimal items into the library and limit their time in the library.

Use of the library computers will be limited to 30 minutes.

Upstairs bathroom is available for staff only with the first floor bathroom available for public use.

Be respectful of others - Maintain 6 foot physical distancing in the library from staff and other patrons (non-family).

Seating has been arranged to maintain social distancing and should not be rearranged, except if members of the same household wish to sit next to one another, in which case seating should be put back in original locations when done being used.

High touch areas will be cleaned frequently.

High-risk patrons may make appointments to come in outside of regular hours.

Curbside service available if requested.

All programming suspended unless 6 foot distancing can be maintained.

Rental of the first floor rooms is now again available for events that can meet the state guidelines for indoor public functions (e.g., size limits, physical distancing, masks, etc.).

While we will do everything in our power to make the library a clean and safe place for everyone, we cannot guarantee a germ-free environment. We urge you to take precautions both in the building and with items you have checked out, such as hand washing and not touching your face. We have increased our loan period to 21 days in case you want to quarantine items in your home for 72 hours before enjoying them.