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There are many ways you can help out at the Moore Library. Whether it be coming in on a regular basis to help keep the library's collection organized, baking some cookies for one of our events, or pitching in at a work party to spruce up the building and grounds, volunteers are critical to this venerable institution's ability to continue to serve the community. Whatever your skills and interests, we welcome your involvement. Let us know your interests and talents and we will find a niche for you.

The following are some of the areas we are currently looking for more help with:

• Volunteer upstairs in the library—shelve books, enter data, file cards, organize series, work on genealogy/local history section, help with book sales, pursuing overdue books, etc.
• Fundraising events and programs—help to organize them, do publicity, provide food, help set up and/or clean up, etc.
• Grant research and writing—for new programs, special projects, and the endowment.
• Children's activities—get involved with the summer reading program, organize a story hour, organize game times, help with movie night, etc.
• Endowment campaign—help the board organize and conduct a much-needed effort bolster our endowment, thereby increasing our yearly operating income and ensuring the long-term financial stability of the organization.
• Helping with periodic building and grounds maintenance tasks..
• Become a Board member—dedicated individuals with the time and energy to make the extra effort to keep this great institution running smoothly are needed to fill the spots left when members step down.

If you are interested in helping with the library collection in some way, contact our librarian extraordinaire, Jeanne, at 546-7301 or jbenedict@​moore.lib.me.us.

For lending a hand in other ways, either call Maggi at 546-0404 or send an email detailing your interests maggi@jamako.net.

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And, of course, we also welcome your financial support. For more information about making a donation to the Henry D. Moore Parish House and Library, click here.


Have you heard about the Moore Libary's Advanced Degree Program?

If you are looking to add some fancy-looking letters after your name, consider becoming a Friend of the Moore Library under one of the following options:

M.A. — Moore Afficionado: bestowed upon those who volunteer at the Parish House and Library.

M.S. — Moore Supporter: bestowed upon those who make a financial contribution to the library.

Ph.D. — Parish House Devotee: bestowed upon those especially enlightened individuals who both volunteer and make a financial contribution to the library.

M.D. —Major Donor: bestowed upon those who doctor to the library's critical needs with a relatively large transfusion of funds.

Degrees conferred on a yearly basis.